The Blame Game: Identity Politics, Theosophy, and White Genocide Anxiety

Identity Politics, Theosophy, and White Genocide Anxiety. Theosophists have to expand, develop original work and reactions to the modern-day; and openly challenge the perpetual inclusion of theosophy in criticisms, largely exceeding the popularity of a nearly dead movement. The present lacks true theosophical thought. We have to counteract the harmful patterns of thinking.


I wanted to discuss ‘American Nationalism,’ the Alt-Right and Christian Conservatives reactions and criticism of Traditionalism and Theosophy. You have to understand, that the ‘Alt-Right’ wants a new political order, and establishing an white ethno-state, which Richard Spencer has frequently compared to the establishment of Israel.

In this idea:

  • All racial categories should be assigned their nation.

As demonstrated by this comment on Lauren Southern’s video.

These people seem to have a cult following, and it’s irking, because the ideas are bad, and so many people are adopting their logic, which isn’t that much different from those claimed to be the opposition.

America should be recognized as the land of the white conquerors; and Africans belong in Africa, many express. Just as is claimed of Marxism, there are contradictions in the Alt-Right. Alt-Lite idealogues attempt to un-demonize the Alt-Right, but this is exactly what ‘moderates’ do with Islam. The latter not being merely a religion, but a totalitarian doctrine that encompasses the full functions of a governing system. The Alt-Right idealogues and others state, that Islam is not really the issue, but it’s the Jews and Masons.

Hence, mere opinion. It is therefore impossible to ally with them.

It is the mistakes of the 20th century, and what I explained in Allies of Theosophists: Issues with Traditionalists, Alt-Right and the Left.

So, what does theosophy have to do with all this?

I criticize the Alt-Right.

  • Opposition to American ethnonationalism;
  • Opposition to the new political order they advocate;
  • Opposition to dehumanizing and denigrating sentiments of its idealogues against non-whites/non-Europeans.

Then you discover what the leftists are saying:

  • Everyone not with them are far-right, mean-spirited, fascist, etc.

So, then you have to contend against people who think the world is controlled by Illuminati, Jews, Masons, etc., or Adolf Hitler was right.


Or that everything wrong with America are blacks…

Then there’s Yuri Bezmenov:

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” (Vladimir Lenin)

The Christian Right

Now, the Christian right reacts ‘we aren’t fascists. Nazis are occultists!’

They attack our subjects as:

  • Demonism/Satanism/Luciferianism
  • Occultism
  • Nazism
  • Fascism
  • Spiritualism
  • Mysticism
  • Socialism

The new one of Whalid Shoebat and others attacking Evola:

  • “Conservative paganism”

We’ve shown this in Modern-Day Russian Dupes.

It says, the Theosophists had a profound impact on Russian Marxists.

Yet, we will get to the contradiction.

These people fail to see, that quite anybody is inspired by theosophy.

Now, there are renegades out there, that reject the Alt-Right as controlled-opposition. Yet, still we cannot consider their ideas.

Fascism and National Socialism

  • The association of Nazism with occultism is not entirely correct. Hitler was not fond of it, but a realist in the fascist sense; and so much that all secret societies in Germany were disbanded. The Jews, Illuminati, Theosophists, Golden Dawn, etc., were all implicated in an international conspiracy. He directly stated, National Socialism was not a mystical movement, wondering why his colleagues was into those things still, or didn’t mature above it (see National Socialism and Christianity: Bavarian Political Police Report on Hitler Speech in Augsburg). Yet, it is true, that certain people within the order, like Himmler and crew were interested in German occultism and mysticism.

National Socialists and Fascists defined their movements against Masonry and Theosophy like Catholics. Can you not piece together the Bavarian Police Report on this, and realize the Church wasn’t this purely docile institution we have, only because we’re secularized.

Theosophy wasn’t in line with Marxists, or Socialists.

  • H.P.B. insulted the Communists.
  • Marx and Engels criticized Spiritualism and Theosophy.
  • Didn’t Goebbels once, say Marxism and N.S. doctrine were alike?


When attacking Evola, theosophy and ‘occultisms’ are always included.

Traditionalists on Counter-Tradition

Traditionalists have attacked Theosophists because of Rene Guenon’s conjectural critique, or despite the weakness of the critique. As long as something is in academic form, like bad modern art in a gallery, people adore it. The Traditionalists, specifically Catholic circles, aren’t friends of Freemasonry, nor Theosophists. We are seen as:

  • Anti-Tradition/Counter-Tradition

In the writings of theosophical literature, its writers wrote against:

  • certain Bön (Tibet) and red-capped Gelugpa;
  • Catholics and Jesuits (their union was objected to by HPB)

Do you see the utter confusion of all sides?

In my view, all of these perspectives fall short of the reality.

Everyone is criticizing each other and mixing and lying.

Each side thinks each is a conspiracy, or helping each other.

It never ends.

The Christian reaction of people like above is to merely keep American necks yanked around the Zionists; and everyone’s an antisemite who does not fall into their support. They still use the term “Paganism.” Theosophists want the revival of Western Philosophy; not CHRISTIAN hegemonic power as catalyst for new renaissance.

We think there are better ways, but fear is resorted to against us.


Whites feeling Oppressed

Lauren Southern criticizes Identity Politics

There are other Americans that have argued, that ethnonationalism is European, or in opposition to the tradition of American Exceptionalism, Individualism and Republicanism. Therefore, critics of it, have often criticized those things, deriding the constitution and democracy. A civic nation is formed politically and not ethnically, but American Renaissance with Jared Taylor argue, that the United States was originally founded in that sense, for white Europeans. What changed Americans, because the attempt to redefine citizenship, and the fact that our governing philosophy helped people fight for the rights of women and non-whites, shows, in some way, the nationalism most helpful to it. So, the other side rebuts, that the ‘white ethnic category’ has undergone four great changes, and that the civic idea is there, and inextricably part of republicanism — the governing philosophy of the U.S. If you’re white, it is becoming more common, majority of white Americans feel they’re being oppressed. The idea that there is a “white genocide” is becoming very common.

New White Racial Consciousness

Lana Lakoff’s “Why I Don’t Want to Become a Minority” is the perfect example, why I have critiqued the American ‘Alt-Right’.

The logic goes something like —

{Pathos} ‘All these social issues we all agree are happening are bad.

 That is why we need ethno-states.’

There’s a Vice article, White People Explain Why They Feel Oppressed.

The author states:

“I am not urging white people to feel guilty, I’m saying be more honest. As we move toward a nation where white people are less dominant, it will be critical that white people stop being racial ostriches, or sleepwalkers, and deal forthrightly with what it means to be white.”

Vice wants whites to deal forthrightly with what it means to be white.

Many are.

It’s manifesting a certain ‘racial consciousness’ or attitude of resentment/victimology.

Racial Tribalism and How Blacks Feel

Right-wing whites are increasingly becoming forthright with ‘what it means to be white’ and what they think; especially about blacks, as a subordinate and lazy racial group, they claim has never achieved the heights of civilization. There is a particular desire to demean and generalize black Americans, while celebrating the work-ethic and achievements of immigrants. In the black community, it is common to hear underlying tensions, and how Arabs, Latinos, Chinese, Africans, and those from “the Islands” think about black Americans. I grew up learning about it, and seeing it. What is weak about civic nationalism is, that it is just something our political institutions do.

People do not feel they have to propagandize a Greater Culture.

Due to modern left-liberalism, they would virulently oppose it.

Blacks increasingly feel they cannot trust nearly anyone on either side, and despite my criticisms of BLM and so forth, I hate that my criticisms have showed the ugly side of collectivist group-thinking, that Richard Spencer thinks is all rosy in the black community. Many people, from black friends to white liberals defriended me, and you get ostracized. People don’t see you the same way, and so forth. That is not race and brotherhood. However, race acts as a cult, where my individual mind is subordinate to what the racial group is believed to represent: Black, Christian, Democrat, etc. The ideal about Blacks is propagandized to us like every other capitalist product; reinforced by the leaders of the racial group; a particular sub-culture and limited set of behaviors; and a small piece of history about the black experience in the West. It is not possible, to go back to our “tribes.”

Just like the conflicts of the different white ethnic groups against the Natives forced them to develop a new combined identity, the same happened with blacks, although in part forced to forget their identity. Ironic. Even white Europeans who immigrated to the U.S. do not feel entirely apart of white America, but it’s easier, because of color.

They know they’re considered white, and they use that.

Yet, an Italian, Polish, Jewish, or Irish, etc., would be quickly happy to say what they are, as opposed to the “plain white American.”

Many have stated it to me, and they all have their towns and areas.

So, the Alt-Right has to construct a new white racial consciousness.

Also, most Blacks are perfectly aware of how people think about them, when they generalize; and these people are affirming their fears and perceptions about history and this country. Now, people are reacting vengefully. The new Federalist Party believes therefore, ‘the Right is embracing its own virulent strand of illiberalism’ (2016: The Year The ‘Alt-Right’ Breached The Moral Quarantine On Racism).

I just read a comment in an online group, where it was about the mistakes of the Portuguese colonialists, and an individual actually said — the worst the Portuguese colonialists did was abolish slavery, because it jeopardized the foothold of the Kingdom. Majority of the people in that group would not openly say something like that, but you know that certain people there fall into that reasoning. Such ideas are not only bad and malicious, but objectively false; and now that it is affecting how children are thinking, that means it is time to think seriously about the future of politics. A deliberate effort at opposing subversive ideology on all sides; reviving and cultivating republicanism; and dealing with these social issues together and on national debate platforms could be the right and sane step moving forward. What do you think?


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