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What is the Nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood?

We do not require mass attention, but a strong and able team. The first principle of theosophy is to build a nucleus of universal brotherhood†. Theosophical principles of an inner group, and perhaps esotericists of a school in general: a nucleus indicates a concentration of individuals occultly or magnetically-bonded. Universal brotherhood indicates fraternité, i.e., disregard to sex, race, creed but not so naively. HPB, e.g., put people to test, that desired membership.

† “To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste/status or color.”

As indicated in Theosophy and Freemasonry: Esoteric Schools within the Theosophical Society, members of the Society were also tested and proved fit. Well, this is good for any of our type of group and action.

Fraternity, compatriotism, and camaraderie is man at their best.

Make sure those students are strong-minded, as to not be gullible.

Evidently, in accordance to what HPB states, forming “a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity” can be a simultaneous reference to two things: a) the three fundamental propositions of the secret doctrine, especially the third concerning the fundamental relationship and identity between the one element, space, and the many elements of existence; b) the illuminati, or initiates of the “occult fraternities” mentioned in the Mahatma Papers. In a large sense, if you read the letters, the Theosophical Society was to be an outpost. It was meant to truly protect the Philosophy they’ve expressed, while using as much to vindicate their, to us, unheard doctrines. The fact is that, researchers are finding those unheard doctrines in the Asian schools they’ve pointed to, or led us to.

We can also compare it to other schools, as has been done.

Few will listen, but do not think that universal brotherhood means some kind of utopian communism, or communitarianism applied to governing a society. It’s a reference to an occult fact in Nature, or a central proposition of the Occult Philosophy, about the Absolute.

This rule stood, wherever Theosophists went. For example, if a group was founded in Japan, and say some gaijin (non-Japanese, foreigners) wanted to join the group. Do the predominant Japanese members exclude that person, based upon their race, class, caste, biological sex, or whether they’re religious, or atheist? No. Understand it this way.

Different peoples have clashed in the history of the Theosophists. K.H. notes how much the Eastern initiates did not want to give their knowledge to the “pelings” (whites/Englishmen, foreigners, etc). It was the time of slavery, and yet these principles were applied and thrive, to cultivate a new culture within the Theosophical Society. The dark-skin or caste of an Indian man or woman, did not exclude them.

Women also found their place in its history.

Slander about universal brotherhood reveals a profound ignorance.

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