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Katy Perry and Illuminati: What People Still Don’t Understand

Yum, the image of blood red cherry pie. Don’t mind me, I’m strange. Lets say we talk about somber Perry, her trolling, and the symbolism her directors and visual artists brew to make her music videos. Frankly, I hate the Illuminati pop cultural myth, and I believe, despite the hate toward Perry Pie, she’s raking in the money, from fans and haters alike. Katy Perry recently conducted a 96 (or 72?) hour promotional stream for her new album, Witness. If she is supposed to be Illuminati, I am sorry to break it to you, but that is not “Illuminati.”

Odd proclivities and special eating habits →

You tell me when Katy Perry becomes a high master of the martial arts world; an enlightened master or a great hermit; or founds a school of high philosophy, then I’ll believe you, but otherwise…

If she suddenly became like the next Kong Fuzi, then maybe we’d believe there was something immensely special about her, that earns her the designated title of Illuminatus. Pop stars aren’t Illuminati (i.e., Magians of the high or divine Wisdom). Why are such qualities bestowed to political elite, pop gods, and consummate materialists!

We’re tired of hearing with every new film, song, or music:

Illuminati, Illuminati, Illuminati!

Pizzagate = Illuminati = “The Jews” = “Masons”!

The aristocracy, royals, financiers, stock brokers, corporate executives, bankers, business owners, and politicians all play a function in society; but they also most certainly play the game at a much different and fast-paced level than the average citizen.

Playing the conspiracy game automatically disqualifies you, if you’re not already in any positions to truly affect or counteract what these people do, on a daily and minutely basis. Read the published works and journals of these persons. Many of these people believe they’re doing God’s work, or philanthropy, but approach them realistically.

You know the kind of propaganda we are fed in entertainment were centrally opposed to as beneficial to the people, in Fascism and National Socialism. We are practically raised by these corporated-controlled industries, which have the interest of their profits in proportion to your happiness. In Europe and the United States, with the rise of the commercialization of television sets in people’s homes, and public relations then, many tactics were formed to adjust to these changes, for the economy and to manage and influence crowds. It fundamentally changed the way customers thought and behaved.

There is no ignorance greater than man’s attempts to greatly do the work of the Church, by helping to spread fear against its enemies.

Philosophers who’ve had the interest in benefiting humanity…

Now, the subject of derision:

Illuminati History of the Secret School of Wisdom | Josef Wages

The celebrity entertainers are bolts, pomp, and show, like all illusion. These videos create an imaginary world, like all overly-ritualistic ceremonialism. They like to use the one-eye symbol, but have no idea what it means in the Esoteric Tradition. They are either idiots, or subverters. They profane the sacred symbols. They are as plain and dull as most of us on any given day, without make-up, the body-parts, stunts, and enhanced cameras. Some are probably into post-20th century New Thought, Goth, or Occultism — avant-garde/pop art culture. There is also an air of desperation, and we notice a repetitive theme of dark goth style in many music videos. There is certainly the whole Abramovic idea of mixing art and ritual being experimented with, as if music has to be this ASMR experience and over-stimulation. It has to manipulate your most basest instincts.

Don’t worry. They got me too…

Yes, yes, sex, sex, sex. Degeneracy. Modernism. We get it. It gets old.


Some are saying.

In any case, celebrities are bringing in the dough, and you’re still left hypnotized. Admit that we are. Why sooner-or-later, every “Illuminati” conspiracist becomes anti-Jewish, anti-Masonic, etc., is because historically, these sentiments are inextricably tied and originate close together throughout Europe. So, it is not just about these music videos. It is about stretching your theories too far.

When Katy Perry carried the owl perched on her arm in the Unconditionally music video in 2013, the Illuminati conspiracists came out of the woodwork. These videos top from 10k-500,00k views. The music videos of Katy Perry top over 160 million views. You see how simple yet grand and immediate the influence is on people, and the people love it. Even the haters. She trolls, and she gets paid. You get nothing, and that’s that. Spreading these conspiracies actually makes it a thousand x’s, no — infinitely more difficult to correct the ideas of so many people; and yes, it directly affects us. Always. You want to understand occult symbolism, and the origins of the things you conspire and whisper about? Theosophists have explained these things in ways even the Rosicrucians and Masons haven’t elaborated.

So, you really want to know about “secret societies?

Begin with — Theosophical Gleanings on the Mysteries and the Language of Mythology

Katy Perry is building her legacy. Why are Christians more involved in these things, than honing their horrible philosophical skills? Kidding. Choose: conspiracies, or cultivation? Why are so many people interested in these theories, but aren’t practicing or teaching any theology?

You can start to think differently, by asking questions.

There are people who write books on the Illuminati, and think they know everything. Jumbled theories have crossed over too much into our domain of studies and expertise, and it just comes off as a confusing pile of psyop work. It is basically popularizing old monotheist propaganda about the “evil Babylonians,” and enemies of the Jews. We have enemies too. Apparently, lies keep people from desiring to learn the truth, or correct terrible contradictions.


  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if a few celebrities dabbled in Crowley’s magic(k), but as a Hollywood creative I can assure everyone that if they’re concerned about an organized occult conspiracy they can stop worrying. The most I’ve seen are borrowed and jumbled aesthetics and a vague interest in alchemical processes. I doubt Katy understands any of that symbolism. It happens around her, implemented by artistic advisors that know an owl here, a blind eye there will keep people buying and watching. Rare is the Kubrickian exploration and notice how his work pointed less at Hollywood and more at those who finance it. As you said, most of the “truth seekers” are just looking for a socially acceptable vehicle for anti-semitism.

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    1. Your insightful comment is very appreciated. I doubt, they would stop worrying, because we should be vigilant. I simply say, that their knowledge is very superficial, and they do not know the damage they are doing in their stupidity to accumulate money. It is highly frustrating, because people do not want to listen to reason, no matter how hard you try. No matter how much you repeat.


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