Ecosexuals and Libertine Decadence versus Midsummer Traditions

ECOSEXUALS are the “new sexual identity” and environmentalist movement, but it is bound to ignite Christians against “paganism.”

An ecosexual is:

  1. A person that finds nature romantic, sensual and sexy.
  2. A new sexual identity.
  3. A person who imagines the Earth as their lover.
  4. An ecosex activist utilizing leftist revolutionary tactics with “green politics” strategies to fight against those perceived to be destroying the Earth.

Once “Queen of Kink” porn star turned sex educator, Annie Sprinkle, is at the vanguard of a new queer movement The Guardian’s Nature is your lover, not your mother recently stated, combining sex and ecology.

“We’re trying to make the environmental movement more fun and diverse”

Sprinkle said in her interview.

The movement boasts more than 100,000 people worldwide.

A Peek: Ecosexual Bathhouse, 2016

Perhaps, an insult to true raised folk of the countrysides and the poor, these neo-feminists role their vaginas in the mud, and go home safe to their urbanized homes. In photos of tree-humpers, young children are involved, like the 2015 Berkeley protest against tree cutting. The normalization of phallic-yonic worship and decadence is just one of the nails in the death of Western Civilization, and the paradox of LIBERTY — where the contemporary LIBERTINE thrives under cultural namby-pambyism. “Live and Let Live” they say.

Recently, the pitiful feminist Medusa Magazine (*a mock magazine) humorously captures the thinking of some people today.

In “You’re a Bigot”:

“The idea that you need to be attracted to someone to engage in sexual acts with them is absurd, archaic and has no place in modern society. Guys masturbate and touch their own penises all the time, how is that any gayer than touching another man’s? Because the penis is attached to a different person than you? Give me a break.”

“There is nothing inherently gay or weird about sucking another man’s penis. Not unless you want it to be. We help friends with their homework when they are stuck, we lend them our video games and movies, we buy them drinks when they are thirsty, how are any of these acts any different from giving a friend a blowjob when he is horny?”

If you felt discriminated against, because you’re a straight man or woman, cis or asexual, then Ben Shapiro is here to cheer you goys up:

“It turns out that according to the left, all sexual behavior is malleable and based largely on social structures that have been implemented by the patriarchy. Men and women don’t exist but for their self-perception — we know that a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man, regardless of biology.” (Ben Shapiro, No, You’re Not A Bigot If You Don’t Want To Have Sex With Everyone)

Likewise, will the ecosexuals be tolerant of those rejecting ecosexuality? Well, Anna Callaghan on the ecosexuals, wrote, that We’re All A Little Ecosexual. I’m quite the sensualist, and I touch and feel on flowers as I’m passing by, or something; but having sex with nature, no. However, the Ecosexual Manifesto devised in 2011, establishes the ecosexual movement as “a flexible combination of activism and identity,” rather than “a salacious sexual preference.”

Which one, is more in-line with the theosophical view, especially considering G de. Purucker’s writings on the Seasons: EcoSexuals F**king Nature, or Beautiful Midsummer Traditions?

The summer solstice begins on June 21st, which was an event and tradition even ancient European ancestors observed and celebrated.


In Theosophy, Pantheism is not fetish-worship, as the ecosexuals are engaged in; so to rebut Christians, afraid that the decline of Christianity would lead to such decadence. The whole of the ancient world and ethnic religions were not libertine. If that was so, the MYSTERIES would not have been able to produce minds like Apollonius of Tyana, Proclus, Pythagoras, or Cicero. Real Theosophy is PANTHEISM, or that not everything is God, but that the one homogenous PRIMORDIAL ELEMENT to which creation is not “attributed” in our philosophy, is in everything (i.e., MATTER) and the whole is resolved in its unknowable UNITY. It is the LIFE ESSENCE, or ONE ELEMENT of the Occultists. This OCCULT TEACHING does not lead to the fetish-worship of the ELEMENTS (the “noumenoi”) in their material form, or the Earth; although the elements in their material form are necessary to the earth’s ecosystem. The modern practices of the ecosexuals are 1) leftist activist tactics; and 2) are shared with ancient types of decadent primitive fascination with the sexual organs. The meaning of the ELEMENTS and “Meta-Elements” of the ancients in the Occult Philosophy does not share in great detail with what is known in neo-pagan practice. ‘Sex’ and the truly ‘spiritual’ (the holy and divine) does not mix; and the only reason sex is connected to the spiritual by many minds, is because they are scarcely incapable of discriminating the differences between psycho-physiological and neurological effects (over-stimulation) on the nervous system; b) psychic (intraphysical) action; or c) the relation of the vital element to the body. A persistent concentration on sexual energy or desire is not of divine essence, but still of the terrestrial or lower (material) nature.

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