Evergreen State College, Anti-White Rhetoric, and Diversity Cults are leading to Western Collapse

In Olympia, Washington, the Evergreen State College President has been working with the students, stating, that “Evergreen has an abiding commitment to Social Justice.” The footage is taken from the presentation of the Strategic Equity Plan of the Equity and Inclusion Council, that form the core of the student demands given by the Evergreen State College students. This meeting at which Prof. Bret Weinstein was present happened before the known hall-way confrontation of the students. These students, and many like them are plain-as-day anti-white, and I’m far from white, or European. Contemporary “Social Justice” is a cult, as the one woman says — “I refuse to let whiteness consume me.” Cuckoldery, of the finest degree, where the white man is totally ignorant of what the student just said. Do not allow this to continue and degrade our once fine institutions of learning. Learn this pattern of thinking in faculty, politicians, and the like, as keen as you would an avowed “White Supremacist.” Both are cancerous and regressive. When a people attempts to change its ways, it must seek to improve upon what has been built. This is not improvement. It is vengefulness, and hypocritical. Thankfully, some adult faculty will not stand for it.

VICE News on Evergreen State College: Pres. Bridges Stockholm Syndrome & Cult of Jamil Revealed

HBO’s VICE News and the segment about The Evergreen State College. College president George Bridges admits the students believed they were holding him hostage and an inside glimpse into the cult of personality built around the protest ringleader, Jamil.

Illustration of Anti-Western Agenda

Illustrative description about the anti-European agenda. ‘Research is proving that the more diverse, less homogeneous a state is, the greater its chances of collapse. In fact, it is nearly always a sign of imminent disintegration. Every great civilization, once it began to diversify culturally, lost the cohesive properties that kept it together.’

People of different ancestral populations and ethnic groups are not entirely incapable of becoming as decent or better a citizen, and contributor to the greatness of a civilization, but in a modern era devoid of absolutes and morality, no people can collectively seem to lift themselves toward a sense of nobility and worth. Instead of showing a mature outlook of one’s condition, they are conditioned and given to victimology, intent on deliberately doing away with white people, and Western culture and civilization. Totally insane.

Look at the thumbnail: classic racial propaganda…

Nevertheless, what can be stated of this person’s argument →

The “New Right” spreads, because despite the flaw of their racialist obsessions, they like many others keenly observe the very things the “status quo” is influencing and implementing. It is now a common tactic of the radical left, to say, any sentiments against them, come from evil Alt-Righties, which have become through associations, described as new “fascism.” I want a renaissance of common-sense.

Even a few Black intellectuals have spoken against Evergreen.


A New Super Cut Video on the Craziness of the Evergreen Students.

All faculty of all universities need to be vigilant, not weak.

We come to learn and be intellectually challenged. Bring this back.


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