Unslaved Podcast: Helena Blavatsky, The Truth — Michael Tsarion

A very recent and lengthy interview from Unslaved Podcast with Michael Tsarion on Russian theosophist, Helena P. Blavatsky. You might remember Michael Tsarion from the older Podcast interview “Theosophy, A Hijacked Organization.” Michael Tsarion goes off on dogmatists, critics, conspiracists, and critics during H.P.B.’s life.

Although, not in agreement with every other idea of Michael Tsarion, his commentary for this, definitely serves as not only a defense of the character of Helena P. Blavatsky (H.P.B.), but hearkens back to what was stated in Illuminati History of the Secret School of Wisdom, Josef Wages concerning unjustly detested historical figures. A topic I commend Michael Tsarion for such brutal accuracy, is that of psychic and emotional vampirism, which I would endorse — meaning, find his new talks on the subject psychism. He knows what he is talking about.


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