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Gods and Mortals: The Lunar Gods, Moon Ancestors, and Astral Man in the ‘Secret Doctrine’

Occult mysteries of the moon. The claim of the adepts that the moon is inhabited is wild.

The theosophical adepts including ancient initiates have claimed the moon was inhabited. The former go further, in saying, that these beings were involved in terrestrial and human evolution. In the Mahatma Papers, the teacher of H.P.B., K.H. to Alfred P. Sinnett (A.P.S.) remarked, that there are unlawful, forbidden topics that are confidential subjects, only initiates could know (or would understand). This evidenced, by the confusions brought about by Theosophists themselves attempting to explain, what they do not know, and sometimes, as if they knew, use the details of their at first, confidential correspondences, and other early Theosophical works to establish themselves as an authority, or Master on any given subject. This is not the impression I, nor many other contemporary writers try, or want to give, even if so.

Of these confidential subjects therefore for the students of the school of these men, it was (or is) unlawful to speak, or publish any teachings about them, because a. blunders in explaining the doctrines create (and have created) unnecessary historical issues from others spreading misconceptions, and this brings ridicule not only on the matter, and b. even if the details are freely given to the masses, the teaching would not be understood. The Theosophists did not even understand it, and the scholars are likely to scoff, without bothering to look further. The teachings require a metaphysician, an occultist, a mystic practitioner. So, it is crucial that the writer admits, he or she does not fully understand the full teaching that it requires to understand it.

The forbidden topic regards the “occult mysteries of the moon.” It is also difficult to understand.

Occultists throughout the centuries have connected the moon’s lunar phases with the growth of vegetable life, the cyclic change in forms of diseases, in human conception, to menstrual cycles, &c. The importance of the Moon is known in every ancient religion, and the celestial Selene has captured the imagination of people since antiquity. Although, on this plane of action, the Moon appears to be the satellite of the Earth, it is older and more developed than the Earth. The earth, the occultists say, is really the moon’s satellite. H.P.B. compared the Moon to a mother walking round and round the cradle of her child. Speaking of an alternate theory of the Moon, the mad queen—

William Quan Judge explained that:

“Modern Theosophy (…) is not exempt from the mystery of the moon. (…) in a remote period, when there was no Earth, the Moon existed as an inhabited globe, died, and at once threw out into space all her energies leaving nothing but the physical vehicle. Those energies revolved and condensed that matter in space nearby and produced our Earth; the Moon, its parent, proceeding towards disintegration but compelled to revolve around her child, this Earth. (…) the “superstition” prevailing so long and widely as to the moon’s bad influence, as in insanity, in necromancy, and the like, is due to the fact that the moon, being a corpse intimately associated with earth, throws upon the latter, so very near to her, a stream of noxious emanations which, when availed of by wicked and knowing persons, may be used for man’s injury. Then the same writer goes on to assert that six mysterious doctrines or facts remain yet untold, and all relating to the moon.” (William Q. Judge. Moon’s Mystery and Fate, Path, June, 1894. Italics added)

We can grasp the severity of the policy, when the after-death process is discussed in relation to what is called, the eighth sphere — described as ‘a locality or state into which irredeemable personalities are drawn after death to be dissolved,’ but is although, a very rare occurrence. K.H. states that this is a region absolute nonentities enter, he adds — “failures of nature” to be remodelled entirely, “whose divine monad separated itself from the five principles during their life-time (…), and who have lived as soulless human beings…” Speaking of this eighth sphere, H.P.B. warns, “And now speaking of moons why, should you in pity sake, speak of forbidden things! Did I not tell you a hundred times that They allowed no one to know or speak of this eighth sphere, and how do you know it is the moon, as we all see it?” (The Letters of H.P Blavatsky to A.P. Sinnett, Letter No. 25, August 23, 1883)

K.H. on forbidden topics did not want certain ones discussed:

Be more careful as to what you say upon forbidden topics. The “eighth sphere” mystery is a very confidential subject, and you are far from understanding even its general aspects. You were repeatedly warned and should not have mentioned it. You have unintentionally brought ridicule upon a solemn matter.” (The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett, Letter No. 83, London, October 8th, 1883. Italics added.)

The most important part to emphasize, is that speaking of it, would bring ridicule, having no knowledge of it.

In The Secret Doctrine, forbidden topics related to this subject are explained again:

“As to her [the moon’s] metaphysical and psychic nature it must remain an occult secret in this work, as it was in the volume on “Esoteric Buddhism,” notwithstanding the rather sanguine statement made therein on p. 113 (5th edition) that “there is not much mystery left now in the riddle of the eighth sphere.” These are topics, indeed, “on which the adepts are very reserved in their communications to uninitiated pupils,” and since they have, moreover, never sanctioned or permitted any published speculations upon them, the less said the better.” (The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1, pg. 156)

The ‘less said the better,’ is true, but whatever we say of the ‘lunar gods and moon ancestors,’ has already been said. This topic is very related to the reasons for secrecy (or a defense of secrecy), and the policy of confidentiality. This is why we began with forbidden topics. Many are they, who complain of secrecy, as if something being secret alone is mere cause to accuse of evil motives.

In a footnote in The Secrecy of Initiates, Helena P. Blavatsky states, that several ancient men (Pythagoras, Socrates, Anaxagoras, &c.) believed the moon was inhabited, and that it was a fact and penalty under death to reveal that “the moon was inhabited and that the lunar beings lived in profound, vast and dark valleys,” and adding “our satellite being airless and without any atmosphere outside such profound valleys. (…)” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secrets of the Initiates, Collected Writings, Vol. 14., pg. 35-36 fn).

H.P.B. further adds, that “the facts recorded in the secret annals of the Mysteries had to remain veiled under penalty of death” (ibid.). The adepts it is said, have never sanctioned or permitted any published speculations on these subjects, and they are reserved to uninitiated students.

To give the subject fully, The Secret Doctrine notes, is expressly forbidden, for “further details which may be added, though they border too closely on forbidden ground to be treated of fully. The last word of the mystery is divulged only to the adepts, but it may be stated that our satellite is only the gross body of its invisible principles.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1., pg. 179).

According to M., K.H., and A.P. Sinnett (their correspondent), mankind is not (nor could ever be) the direct creation of the unknown absolute, as to say — ‘an Architect does not build.’ An architect has architectural plans, blueprints, the germs of what-will-become, but contracts workmen to construct that model, to use an imperfect allegory. Mankind is the product in Kosmos and Nature of a continuous process of evolution (e.g., There’s New Evidence for an Alternate Theory of the Origin of Life: How the Building Blocks of Life Helped Each Other), but other Intelligences were involved in this process. H.P.B. and the Theosophists go to great lengths to prove, that an undeniable mass of the entire ancient world, literature, including the Hebrew scriptures record and copy among each other a similar creation formula, although the latter is masked by the development of monotheism.

Nevertheless, it is still there in Bere’shith (Genesis), and scholars recognize it, concerning there being an Impersonal Architect and Masons (i.e., a hierarchy of workmen, or “builders”). These “builders” the Occult teaching (being hylozoic) explains, do not just include conscious intelligent powers, but atoms, and other life. The occultists hence, reject the theory, that man is evolved from the ape, nor is the missing link capable of demonstrating the origin of man.

“There was a “special creation” for man, and a “special creation” for the ape, his progeny; only on other lines than ever bargained for by Science” says H.P.B. in The Secret Doctrine.

“Learn what we, who descend from the Primordial Seven, we, who are born from the Primordial Flame, have learned from our Fathers” reads a rendering of The Book of Dzyan, Stanza IV. sloka 2.

“Pitris,” “barhiṣads,” “lunar ancestors,” “lunar monads,” “lunar LHA,” “the GREAT CHOHANS,” “Lords of the Moon,” are all terms used in The Secret Doctrine, Commentaries (of the ), and Mahatma Papers. Ancient Lore and “The Secret Books of ‘Lam-rim’ and Dzyan” call them our Fathers, or Ancestors. Primeval man was Ethereal, it teaches. Mankind was fashioned and aided, according to the secret doctrine by two distinct kinds (classes) of progenitors†, or ancestors. The first root-race, i.e., the ‘first types’ on earth were the progeny of “celestial beings,” or more clearly, the progeny of the lunar god’s astral selves (i.e., in ‘their’ image). The first Race, their progeny (shadow image, or chāyā) was generated, in a process referred to as a primeval mode of sexless procreation, “having oozed out, so to say, from the bodies of the Pitris.” If reading The Secret Doctrine, it would become clear, that its author is fully aware how absurd, or unbelievable this sounds to those taking her seriously.

“Come up O lions. Shake off the delusion, that ye are sheep! Ye are spirits free; blessed and eternal!” (SWAMI VIVEKANANDA) 

† Creation Story in the Stanzas: The lunar deities are the ancestors of physical man. The lunar ancestors possessed the desire or passion to create, but were devoid of the element of Universal Divine Mind (Mahat), the principle, that is the synthesis of the deities that preside over the cosmo-psychic Energies, like the celestial (or noumenal) INTELLIGENCES (Dhyani-Chohans, or Arch-Angels). The solar deities are the “fashioners of the Inner Man.” The solar LHA evolved from the Primordial Fire. The solar ancestors are too near the absolute Essence in degree and grade, but it is they who made man complete, or self-conscious. The solar deities, in the Sanskrit, Pitris or LHA (Spirits) are the “fashioners of the Inner Man.” In this self-conscious human Ego (Man) lies the power of intellectual self-conscious Egotism (in the spiritual sense of higher Mind activity), and because of the mind-principle of intelligence and consciousness, this make mortals almost a god on Earth. The real Man, or true Individuality is strictly only considered to be the Divine Monad, linked with the Higher Mind (manas). Explaining it once again, the monads of the lunar beings do not possess the secret fire element of mind (intelligence and consciousness), and the fire is a manifestation of higher monads. “The fire or knowledge burns up all action on the plane of illusion,” says the commentary. “Therefore, those who have acquired it and are emancipated, are called ‘Fires.’—The Secret Doctrine, Vol. I, pg. 87.

‡ The transcendental Reality often appears as a personification of a “force behind phenomena” — an infinite, protean, and eternal Energy. This teaching, like Plato “rejects the Western theological dogma of a newly-created soul for every baby born.” The mortal is imperfect, and fashioned by both natural law and INTELLIGENCES (or Gods) of different origins, forms, grades, and abodes. “The millions upon millions of imperfect works found in Nature testify loudly that they are the products of finite, conditioned beings…”—H.P.B., The Zohar on Creation and the Elohim, pg., 217.

“Occultism sees in the effects “Elemental” (forces), and, in the direct causes producing them, intelligent divine workers and masons (builders). The intimate connection of those Elementals (guided by the unerring hand of the Rulers) — their correlation we might call it — with the elements of pure Matter, results in our terrestrial phenomena, such as light, heat, magnetism, etc., etc. Of course we shall never agree with the American Substantialists* who call every Force and Energy — whether Light, Heat, Electricity or Cohesion — an “Entity;” for this would be equivalent to calling the noise produced by the rolling of the wheels of a vehicle an Entity — thus confusing and identifying that “noise” with the driver outside, and the guiding Master Intelligence within the vehicle. But we certainly give that name to the “drivers” and to these guiding Intelligences — the ruling Dhyan Chohans, as shown. The “Elementals,” the Nature-Forces, are the acting, though invisible, or rather imperceptible, secondary Causes and in themselves the effects of primary Causes behind the Veil of all terrestrial phenomena. Electricity, light, heat, etc., have been aptly termed the “Ghost or Shadow of Matter in Motion,” i.e., supersensuous states of matter whose effects only we are able to cognize. To expand, then, the simile given above. The sensation of light is like the sound of the rolling wheels — a purely phenomenal effect, having no existence outside the observer; the proximate exciting cause of the sensation is comparable to the driver — a supersensuous state of matter in motion, a Nature-Force or Elemental. But, behind even this, stand — just as the owner of the carriage directs the driver from within — the higher and noumenal causes, the Intelligences from whose essence radiate these States of “Mother,” generating the countless milliards of Elementals or psychic Nature-Spirits, just as every drop of water generates its physical infinitesimal Infusoria.” (The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1, pg. 146)

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