The ACADEMICIAN THEOSOPHICAL is a THEOSOPHY web-blog interested in formulating a plan for a new Western Renaissance, or the place of a revivalistic ‘NEO-CLASSICISM’ of Philosophy for the West. The Roman MINERVA (a Universal-PRINCIPLE), or Greek Athena, signifying the Deity of DIVINE WISDOM or Jove’s INTELLIGENCE is used symbolically for THEOSOPHY. This aspect was represented in art and myth as a warrior with: — Valour, Wisdom-Intelligence, and Grace.

We want to give birth to a type of ‘NEW ACADEMICIAN’ and new o r a c l e s to spread theosophical principles most conducive to the SPIRIT of the society.

“New Academicians” alludes to Plato’s Academy, and “the Garden,” — a category for the Schools of Classical Greek Philosophical studies. The “Academy” alludes to initiatory colleges of old, and the perfectibilism (advance in virtue and intelligence) upon which those colleges were based, in antiquity; and because ‘Real theosophy is altruism. It is brotherly love, mutual help, unswerving devotion to truth.’ (Blavatsky, 1889). It inspires virtuosity, like the pāramitās in Buddhism, which we can refer in our terminology as — p e r f e c t i b i l i s m.

This is expressly in difference to habits of Western Philosophy, as merely cold, analytical, and objective. As one sage focused on creating men of suitable behaviour and cultivated character, in government, or chun tzu (gentlemen), the same ideal is envisioned, and to return to Philosophy, its rightful, noble esteem.